Productivity Vs Procrastination

# Pomodoro Technique

Using the Pomodoro Technique for building my professional resume pending from last 2 month.

Before writing about my experience I want to explain my understanding about Productivity and Procrastination then how Pomodoro Technique help to enhance us.

PRODUCTIVITY: For me “its an ability to manage our time to complete our task efficiently within deadline”, as we all know most of us surround with deadlines some of us might not however, know one can deny the importance of it in this material world where things are rapidly changing in order to match with the speed we must work to increase our productivity.

The biggest gap between productivity and ourselves is a behavior which lives right inside of ourselves is Procrastination.

PROCRASTINATION: A behavior which prevent us to perform a task on prior basis, it keep us in sleep until the deadline bang our head. It creates worse effect on our ability to perform tasks obviously, the panic it creates leaves us with no choice but to focus on completing the task and leaves the efficiency behind.

Now! How can we bridge that gap???

The answer is Pomodoro Technique.

What is Pomodoro Technique??

Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro is basically an Italian word used for Tomato, its a method which state “In order to perform a task effectively break it into interval of 25min and perform it with full concentration until the timer rings after that take a break of 5min.

By using this method we can improve our productivity dramatically.

My experience: Built a professional resume seems to like a piece of cake however, when we actually starts to make one then we found out how much we didn’t even consider to think about, after complete my online course I have a task to build a resume. Initially I feel pressurized by the timer infect during first interval I was able to complete only quarter but after taking a break in my second interval I completed initial draft of resume.

This method definitely increase my focus and help me to repel procrastination which was really effecting me previously.

I am going to continue this technique for my other task like now while writing this blog I am using the same method.




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